Psychotherapist & Jungian Analyst

Over 30 years experience. Trained in Switzerland (Dip. Analytical Psychology) and Melbourne, Australia (Master in Clinical Social Work)

The Dreamer's Odyssey

Dreams have always been important to humanity, but in modern times we have lost the ability to understand what our dreams are telling us.

Language of the Dream Courses

“It is wise to hold fast to the words the dream gives, because one cannot expect to be wiser than nature.” C.G. Jung

Jungian analysis is a form of psychotherapy that works with the unconscious, whose language can be seen in dreaming, slips of the tongue, behaviour and creative pursuits. Because it is unconscious, it tells a person what he or she should know but does not.

Dream interpretation is a method that supports the understanding of dream content. This helps in surprising ways and can lead to the alleviation of symptoms, the return of the creativity and liveliness, and surprising new connections and directions in life. Dream analysis bring the unconscious background into consciousness, helping us not just to transition through our life stages, but to transform. In its deepest emotional sense, individuation is experienced and felt as spiritual development as well as psychological growth and maturity.

In Jungian dream analysis, the analyst does not interpret dreams in isolation, but in deep exploratory conversation with the dreamer. If an interpretation is not arrived at or does not sit with the dreamer, then it is shelved, and the process to find meaning for the dreamer continues. This exploratory work is grounded in the day to day life of the dreamer.

Not every client wants or needs to go into long-term analysis, and so the early work focusses on relief from symptoms and supportive ego-strengthening. Longer term work is a deep process which engages both analyst and client in the inner journey.